On a beautiful day

When the season’s true colour was set on display

The flowers and the birds were all blooming

The falling petals and birds chirping was grinning

The king walked by with all his glory

Seeing this beautiful scenery he felt a little sorry

That he can’t cherish…

There’s this thing i always think
If all the worries disappear in a blink
Would i be able to trust you
Cause some debt is still due
Can’t let this thought slide
Cause it’s due on my side
You were there with me from the scratch
Just so, With the world i can match

I remember that spring day
I just want to say may
I don't know why I can't stay
But really i want that day
I know in your world i can't stay
But really i want that day

To be mine,
I now world can't see that shine
But I…

Hey It’s you again
Coming and going
Even if the world’s destroying
I just want a moment
A moment to
Share a thing or two
When the time stops
When the cold turns warm
It’s was when
When we both sit and have a talk
Wearing our heart on sleeve
Coz it’s better then to leave
Sharing a moment with you
Is everything I wish to
Being the best
Is what we both want
Dear seatmate, Let’s talk
And have a seat with me


It’s quite small…but i think it’s enough. 😅

I don’t know what have you took from me
It must have been love
Coz when you leave me
There’s something lost inside me
That feel-gave me chiills
How can i say what have i lost
It’s just empty inside me
Must have lost something precious
I don’t know anymore
Who should i ask?

Yeah I remember and maybe you too
But only few of us knew
Knew the feeling of amusement
The feeling of that moment
When we all were young
And the world doesn’t have a tongue
When marry go round
was just horses and crown
When ferris wheel
Gives a perfect feel
When words and dresses didn’t matter
And Joy was scattered
At this time
Being happy means no crime
That Tilt a whirl is like some peril
Joy leaves the joyful carol
We’re just playing our duty
Forgetting about the moment beauty
Understanding the jeopardy of bumper cars
That even to the stars it gives scars
Now let me give you my remark
That the world is just a amusement park.


We're running around
From space to ground
Doing are daily errand
Leading us to a fair end
Confusing with feeling
Doing things without any meaning
I present my greetings
To the one who's teaching
That the world is not so wrong
We just have to stay strong

Why are we…

I’m tired
Tired of this up and down
Spreading mah gown
I’ve stopped crying over wounds
Now words hurts
And Syntaxes works
Rather than a shotgun
Shining like a star
Oh how i wish to be
Someone with great heart
But i have my own flows
And just wanna be alone
Finding happiness
Oh i let this thought go
A long time ago
I wanna be bloom
I wanna be flourished
It was all before
Now I just don’t wanna live.

-By Ãnna

Flower’s twin Love

Red or maroon, a magnificent scenery
A beloved of everyone, decorated with greenery
Getting kissed by the sun, and shower of affection by clouds
Loved by the audience, still afraid of the crowd
Oh my friend! A twin of Love...
You’re different creature but still got the same nature
Maybe coz you both are things that cherished by mortals and immortals
You both look alike, beautiful and nice
Then why do they pluck you out
And for what they are so proud about?
For me, you both are paired
And a little despair, The Respect ; they never care
Humankind you know your crime!
But you still dare
I beg you! show your kindness
And let them bloom, coz it’s always holy; and not doom.

-By Ãnna

That Cold Feeling

The bouquet on the wed day
Is now on my beloved grave
It all seems blue and grey
Why isn’t the weather changing?
It’s just me in winter or
The world’s betraying
Why The Month is stuck?
Stuck on december,
My sacrifices, does anyone remember?
It’s all so cold
Coz i lost the warm hold
Yeah i know all that same piece
Collect yourself and move on
Don’t worry about the throne
That’s not your place
To show on
And that’s how you keep sole peace.

-By Ãnna


Here i have- Writer's hand, some cool ideas and depressed mind ✌

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